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Self Contained-Refrigeration

True's Retail Merchandisers are the industry's most complete large-format solution. With self-contained architecture and eco-friendly refrigerant, the series reinvents retail merchandising.


Solutions for Any Concept

Grocery and convenience retailers can now strategically leverage self-contained refrigeration systems. Optimize merchandising capabilities for any space and configuration.


Reliability and Performance

With its advanced technology and innovative design, the TRM series not only outperforms traditional models but also takes the lead in environmental responsibility.

True Retail Merchandisers

Large Format Refrigeration

Enjoy the capacity of remotely powdered refrigeration with self-contained convenience Grocery and convenience retailers can now strategically leverage self-contained refrigeration systems with superior advantages over traditional remote systems.

  • Modularity

    Plug-and-play with modular TRM configurations that fit your space and needs. Available in two, three and four door sections that are intentionally engineered to flawlessly connect-in-line for a complete setup.

  • RCU TECHNOLOGY Self-Contained Refrigeration

    Low GWP hydrocarbon (R290) refrigeration systems not only positions businesses for the future but also provides exemption from EPA and state refrigeration regulations. TRMs boasts easy installation, eliminating the need to run refrigerant lines to a remote condensing unit. With factory-sealed variable speed refrigeration systems in place, the risk of refrigeration leaks is prevented, eliminating the need for expensive technicians during cabinet installation.

    True’s Dynamic Refrigeration Response System™ further enhances the appeal by offering high-performance cooling at Energy Star levels and allows for utility rebates on high efficiency Energy Star approved models. Refrigeration redundancy is a strategic measure to prevent downtime and minimize the risk of product loss, ensuring a reliable and efficient refrigeration solution.

  • Energy Performance

    TRM’s Energy Star ratings qualify for many utility rebate programs across the country.

  • Nomenclature

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Reliable, Energy Efficient, Easy Install

Going Green is easier than ever with True’s new large format self-contained retailed merchandiser (TRM). The TRM’s unique high performance modular hydrocarbon R290 refrigeration system is designed for reliability, energy efficiency and ease of install. Enjoy the large capacity product storage combined with a future proof refrigeration solution designed exclusively for retail applications. As high GWP refrigerant regulator pressure intensifies, the need to adopt sustainable practices has become not just an ethical choice but a fundamental strategy. True Retail’s Merchandisers are a sustainable self-contained large format refrigeration solution.

True Retail Merchandisers

Medium Temp

  • Consistent holding temps maintain 32° to 41°F
  • Ideal for refrigerated products
  • Available in 2, 3 & 4 section door counts
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True Retail Freezers

Low Temp

  • Consistent holding temps maintain 6° to -10°F
  • Ideal for holding frozen products
  • Available in 2, 3, & 4 section door counts
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Solutions for Every Retail Space

Diverse units to suit your needs, our line of products is ready to support you with innovative designs and the coldest holding temperatures.

Product Image GDM-05-HC~TSL01 GDM-05-HC~TSL01 Merchandisers

Swing Door Counter-Top Refrigerator with Hydrocarbon Refrigerant~True Standard Look Version 01

Product Image GDM-05PT-S-HC~TSL01 GDM-05PT-S-HC~TSL01 Merchandisers

Swing Door Pass-Thru Counter-Top Stainless Steel Exterior Refrigerator with Hydrocarbon Refrigerant~True Standard Look Version 01

Product Image GDM-12-HC~TSL01 GDM-12-HC~TSL01 Merchandisers

Swing Door Refrigerator with Hydrocarbon Refrigerant~True Standard Look Version 01

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